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The ensemble has long been dedicated to discovering and performing French Baroque music with period instrumentation, and a sort of first milestone in this effort is the debut CD of works by the somewhat neglected composer Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, released in 2022. The inimitable sound and colour of this music is enhanced by the use of copies of period instruments and also authentic low tuning (a1=392Hz).

The recording is a real rarity in Slovakia.

Il Cuore Barocco

Tereza Zimková - soprano

Mária Posch - baroque transverse flute

Radka Kubínová- baroque transverse flute

Peter Zelenka - artistic leader, baroque violin

Adam Szendrei - baroque violin

Michal Raitmajer - viola da gamba

Adam Štefunko - harpsichord

Jakub Mitrík - theorbo, baroque guitar


CD consits of the musical pieces played at the concerts in Košice (2013) and Spišská Nová Ves (2018). In the times of perfect recordings and various recording possibilities, we would like to bring LIVE atmosphere of the concerts to our listeners.

Il Cuore Barocco

Michaela Kušteková (2018) - soprano

Mária Rendešová - baroque transverse flute

Tomáš Kardoš - artistic leader, baroque cello

Peter Zelenka, Adam Szendrei - baroque violin

Lucie Vinklerová (2013), Esther Neumann (2018) - baroque viola

Romana Uhlíková (2013) - doublebass

Jakub Mitrík - theorbo

Štefan Iľaš - organ

Jana Zelenková (2013) - harpsichord

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