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Maria Posch


She encountered historically informed interpretation for the first time during her studies at the University of Prešov in Prešov. Through the MEMA 2009 Master Courses in Poprad, she also got to know the baroque flute. She decided to study playing this instrument at the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität in the class of Reinhard Czasch. In June 2018 she completed studies with honors at the Salzburg Mozarteum in the class of Marcel Gatti.
Peter Zelenka, husle

Peter Zelenka


After completing his studies at AU in Banská Bystrica and VŠMU in Bratislava, he decided to study historically learned interpretation at the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität in the class of Ulrike Engel. He also participated in various master classes and workshops (MEMA, Accentus Musicalis, Summer School of Baroque Music). He regularly performs in the Musica Aeterna ensemble. He is a co-founding member of the ensemble Il Cuore Barocco.

Adam Szendrei


He studied playing the violin at VŠMU, where he also began to devote himself to historically informed interpretation in the class of Petr Zajíček. He participated in the Accentus musicalis workshop at Schloss Hof. He is also a member of the Bratislava Hot Serenaders orchestra, the ZOE chamber orchestra and the Musica aeterna ensemble.

Adam Szendrei, husle
Basso continuo

Tomáš Kardoš

cello & bassoon

After studying cello and bassoon at the Conservatory in Bratislava, he decided to specialize in early music at the Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität in the class of Jörg Zwicker (baroque cello) and Jennifer Harris (baroque bassoon). He performs in several baroque ensembles (Musica aeterna, Solamente naturali, Ensemble Barock, Capella Leopoldina) and was the main initiator of the creation of the ensemble Il Cuore Barocco. In his native village of Kráľová pri Senec, he founded the Festival of Words and Music in honor of the poet Ferdinand Svetoslav Veigl.

Jakub Mitrík, teorba

Jakub Mitrík

theorba & baroque guitar & archilute

He studied guitar at the Church Conservatory in Bratislava under the guidance of Professor Jozef Zsapka. He completed his studies at the VŠMU in Bratislava in the class of Martin Krajč. However, he is also interested in music from the Baroque period and guitar music from the 19th century and its historically informed interpretation on copies of historical instruments. He studied playing theorba at ASH in Brno with Jan Čižmář. Since 2015, he has been studying in Bremen, Germany.

Jana Zelenková

harpsichord & organ

At the Conservatory in Košice, she graduated from the department of church music (organ, piano, conducting). Na VŠMU v Bratislave študovala hudobnú teóriu a  odbor komorná hra (organ) v triede Petra Zajíčka. She studied the harpsichord at ASH in Brno in Monika Knoblochová's class. In addition to courses focused on the interpretation of early music (Summer School of Baroque Music, MEMA, Accentus Musicalis), she also completed a one-year study stay in Graz.

Jana Zelenková, čembalo

Martin Gedeon

harpsichord & organ

Martin Gedeon was born in Prague, where he graduated from the Czech Technical University, Department of Engineering and Technology in Aircraft Maintenance . Súčasne so štúdiom na technickej univerzite mal hodiny organu u L. Vendla, ktorý brought him to starej music . Since 2013, he has been studying in the harpsichord triede Erich Traxler at Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Wien; absolvoval tiež ročný študijny pobyt na Kráľovskom konzervatóriu v Haagu.

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