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"The Pleasures of Versailles"

Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643 - 1704)

  • Sonata à huit, H.548 

  • Cupido Perfido Dentro'al Mio Cuor, H.493

  • Concert for 4 parts of violas, H.545

  • Les Plaisirs de Versailles H.480


4 singers (soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone), 2 flutes, 2 violins, viola da gamba, basse de violon, harpsichord, theorba

Characteristics of the program:

The program entitled Les Plaisirs de Versailles presents a sample of Charpentier's secular instrumental and operatic work. The composition of the ensemble is adapted to the requirements of the first French sonata in the Italian style "Sonata à huit". The instrument basse de violon was used almost exclusively for the interpretation of the basso continuo, but in this work it is presented as a solo instrument.

The dramaturgy of the concert is divided into the Italian and French parts. In the first part, the aforementioned first French sonata in the Italian style "Sonata á huit" and a small Italian pastorella will be heard. In the second part of the concert, we will fully enjoy the mature French style represented by a suite originally composed for four viola da gambas. The climax of the concert is the small French opera Les Plaisirs de Versailles.

Ensemble Il Cuore Barocco, in collaboration with French soloists, offer an opera experience in a scenic form. However, the musical part will be performed authentically in old French with original French instrumentation.

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